Some of the best vehicle modifications for disabled drivers

Some of the best vehicle modifications for disabled drivers

There are tons of options for vehicle modifications for disabled drivers. However, these are the vehicle modifications that Auto Express South believes you’ll love the most:

1. Push/pull hand controls

Push/pull hand controls are easy to use and a great alternative to expensive, high tech driving systems. The brake and accelerator are both on one simple lever. However, the motion is different to accelerate vs brake so even in a high stress situation, it’s easy to make the correct decision on which motion to choose. At Auto Express South, we offer push/pull hand controls from top-of-the-line manufacturers, like Veigel and MPS.

2. Electronic parking brake

Auto Express South doesn’t just offer the big ticket items for vehicle modifications. We’ve also got you covered on some of the smaller changes to your vehicle as well. For example, if the current parking brake on your vehicle is too hard to pull or too difficult to reach— there is a solution for that! Drive Master offers an Electronic Park Brake (EPB) that can engage or  disengage your park brake with the press of a button. It also automatically shuts off if it detects significant deceleration, to avoid stalling and damage.

3. A functional driver’s seat

If you love everything about your vehicle, including the trim and seats— keep them! The BraunAbility B&D Transfer seat uses your original driver seat but adds 180-degree turning power for comfortable and safe transfers.

4. A simple wheelchair lift

You’re in the driver’s seat but if you don’t have a passenger with you— how are you supposed to get your wheelchair in? There’s an easy vehicle modification for that! The Adapt Solutions Speedy-Lift picks up your chair and tucks it behind the driver’s seat for you. Simple as that!

5. Looking for more?

This is just the start of the vehicle modifications you can find for mobility vehicles at Auto Express South. To see more of the adaptive driving aids we offer, visit our website or stop on by the dealership!
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