All About Lifts: How to Find the Best Lift Option for You

It can feel daunting to be met with all the different lift options for your mobility vehicle! However, this guide will provide you with the information you need to find the best lift for your specific needs. Here’s what you need to know:

Unoccupied vs. Occupied Wheelchair Lifts

There are two main types of wheelchair lifts: occupied wheelchair lifts and unoccupied wheelchair lifts. Just as the name sounds, an occupied wheelchair lift is used to get a person into the vehicle with their wheelchair. On the other hand, unoccupied wheelchair lifts can attach a wheelchair lift behind a vehicle or in the back of a vehicle. Unoccupied wheelchair lifts are ideal if the individual with a disability is driving and/or able to use a person lift to sit in the passenger or back seat. Occupied wheelchair lifts are most common in vans that are set up with extra space and wheelchair securements inside the vehicle.

Securing A Wheelchair Inside vs Outside Your Vehicle

If you have decided you would like an unoccupied wheelchair lift, the next decision to make is whether you would like your wheelchair to be stored behind your vehicle or inside your vehicle. Unoccupied wheelchair lifts that operate outside of your vehicle can be less expensive than wheelchair lifts that stow into the back of your vehicle. However, if you would like to transport your vehicle in inclement weather, you will be better off with a wheelchair lift that brings your wheelchair into your vehicle!

Functionality of Wheelchair Lifts

Each wheelchair lift functions a little differently and offers different options and extras. For example, some wheelchair lifts require you to manually rotate and guide your scooter or powerchair into your vehicle. However, other wheelchair lifts offer features like wireless connectivity! To learn more about the functionality of specific wheelchair lifts or even try them out for yourself, stop by Auto Express South! We would be happy to show you a variety of wheelchair lift options available for purchase.
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