Your Guide to Full Size Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Your Guide to Full Size Wheelchair Accessible Vans

When it comes to wheelchair accessible vans, mini-vans aren’t your only choice. Go big with a full-size wheelchair accessible van. In this article, we’ll explore which full size van is best for your needs. Keep in mind, regardless of which of these options you choose, Auto Express South can help you outfit your full-size van with ramps, lifts, wheelchair securement systems, and all the other accessories you need.

The Low Maintenance Dodge Ram Promaster

One of the most interesting selling points of the Ram Promaster is that it features front wheel drive. The other full size accessible vans we’ll discuss in this article are either four wheel drive, all wheel drive, or rear wheel drive.
The advantage of buying a front wheel drive (FWD) van is that you’ll have better fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and improved traction when it’s slick out.

However, FWD does come with lower towing capacity and limited performance capacity. If those two selling points are high on your list, continue reading about a few other full-size wheelchair accessible van options.

The Fully Customizable Ford Transit

One of the most loved qualities of Ford Transits is how customizable they are. You can choose from different roof heights, wheel bases, seating configurations, and even between rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive. However, keep in mind that the Transits generally have lower fuel efficiency than what you’ll find in a Ram Promaster
  • Rear wheel drive
  • 4,640 payload
  • 7,500 tow
  • 18mpg

The Luxury Mercedes Sprinters

If luxurious amenities matter to you in a full size wheelchair accessible van, you’ll want to go with a Mercedes Sprinter. These sleek vans are the choice for many celebrities and offer advanced safety features. You can also upgrade from rear wheel drive to all-wheel drive. Just be aware that these are the most expensive full size wheelchair accessible vans you’ll likely find on the market.

The Inexpensive Chevrolet Express

The Chevrolet Express may not be as customizable as the Transit, as luxurious as the Sprinter, or as fuel efficient as the Promaster (expect 14-15 mpg) but they do sell at a lower price point! These full size vans are the smallest of the options, with lower ceilings and narrow bodies. However, they have a high tow capacity and can accommodate multiple wheelchairs if need be. They also come in all-wheel drive.
For more information on these full size wheelchair accessible vans and other full size van options, stop by Auto Express South. We can help you through every step of the process in your van purchase and conversion.
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