Handicap Accessible Van Rentals

Handicap Accessible Van Rentals

Auto Express South makes renting a handicap accessible van on your southwest Florida vacation quick and easy. Here’s what you need to know about renting from us:

Our Fleet of Handicap Accessible Vans

Expect the best with your handicap-accessible van rental! All Auto Express South’s wheelchair rental vans are high quality, with current model year rental vans and the newest fleet in Southwest Florida. Auto Express South is the industry leader in wheelchair-accessible vans, and each van comes with Q’Straint premium QRT wheelchair tie-downs. You can also rest assured your handicap-accessible van will be sanitized before you pick it up and is regularly serviced to ensure a smooth ride for your vacation.

Handicap Accessible Van Rental Costs

Renting a handicap accessible van from Auto Express South starts at rates as low as $75 a day. The longer you rent, the cheaper your rental will be! For example, a 1 day rental is $160 while a weekly rental is $75 a day. Additionally, if you choose to buy a van from Auto Express South, your rental is free for up to a week!

Wheelchair Van Rental Safety

Your safety is a top priority for Auto Express South. All of our handicap accessible vans available for rental are purchased new and have never had previous owners. Additionally, we thoroughly inspect all our wheelchair van rentals before sending you off on your trip.

Picking Up Your Handicap Accessible Van Rental

There are multiple pick up options when you rent a handicap accessible van from Auto Express South. You are more than welcome to rent directly from our office at 4852 Palm Beach Blvd, or we can deliver your van directly to you! Airport pickups are also available. For more information about van pickups, drop offs, and rentals give us a call or text at 239-693-4000.
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