Safety in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Safety in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Staying safe in your wheelchair accessible vehicle is of the utmost importance! Here are a few steps you should take to ensure your and your passengers are protected during any drive:

Buy A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle From A Reputable Dealer

One of the most important elements of wheelchair accessible safety is ensuring you are buying a reliable and trustworthy vehicle. Buying from a trusted dealer in your area, like Auto Express South in Southwest Florida, can give you the peace of mind you need. When you buy from Auto Express South, you can rest assured our technicians have completed a full safety inspection on your vehicle and feel confident in its drive-ability. This will not be an assurance you’ll be granted when you buy from a private seller or a dealer who doesn’t specialize in selling wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Install the Correct Adaptive Equipment

To drive safely, you need all the correct tools to do so! Speaking with Auto Express South’s

Certified Mobility Consultant can help you determine what adaptive equipment will best serve your needs and keep you safe and comfortable. Our Certified Mobility Consultant, Brian, even has a degree in Kinesiology so he truly understands how to make your vehicle the perfect, most comfortable fit for you!

Double Check Wheelchair Securements Before You Go

Safety checks don’t end once you buy your wheelchair accessible vehicle and outfit it with all the right adaptive equipment. It’s still necessary to check your vehicle’s securements every time you drive! Everyone in your vehicle needs to put on their seatbelt before driving begins, but what other checks do you need to make specific to your accessible vehicle? It’s different for every wheelchair accessible vehicle so check with one of the staff members at Auto Express South before you drive away!

Service Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Now you’ve been driving your wheelchair accessible vehicle for awhile, it’s time to think about getting your first service! Servicing your vehicle is an important part of vehicle safety. Auto Express South services all makes and models of wheelchair accessible vehicles. Click here to schedule your service appointment.
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