Caregivers: Consider These 4 Things Before Buying a Mobility Vehicle

Caregivers: Consider These 4 Things Before Buying a Mobility Vehicle

Buying a mobility vehicle is a large investment and can be a difficult decision as a caretaker. However, these four considerations will help you to make the right choice and find a mobility vehicle that perfectly meets all your needs!

1. Considering The Specific Needs of the Individual

No two people with disabilities are the same— and their vehicles shouldn’t be either! It’s important to consider the needs of an individual before buying a mobility vehicle. For example, some adaptive equipment may be helpful for certain individuals but a hindrance for others. The best way to find out what feels and works best in a mobility vehicle is to stop by Auto Express South in Fort Myers and take a look at our in-stock options. We can show you around vehicles with different adaptive equipment and you can even try out the equipment to see if you like how it works!

It’s very important to have a Certified Mobility Consultant do a needs assessment for the wheelchair user – this is a priority. At Auto Express South, we need to ensure the size of the individual in the chair with seated height, width, and length of the manual or power chair to ensure the right vehicle and conversion is selected. Dimensions play a very important role here.

2. Where Does the Wheelchair User Want to Sit?

Before you stop by Auto Express South, it is important to know where the wheelchair user wants to sit in the vehicle. Ask yourself if the wheelchair user wants to sit midship (middle of the vehicle) or in the passenger seat area (passenger seat removed). If you would like your loved one in the passenger seat area you will need to go with a side entry van, not a rear entry van. We can better explain this during your needs assessment!

3. Who Will Be the Caretaker?

Another important consideration – who will be the caretaker? Is the caretaker a loved one or a spouse? Are they able to lift a manual ramp or do they need power operation? What type of equipment needs to go in the van? Is the caretaker a company that is hired with multiple people, if so a manual conversion is more cost-effective and easier to use without training. If you are the caretaker reading this, its vital to know what works for you too.

4. Deciding Whether To Buy New Or Used

At Auto Express South, we are the leading source for wheelchair-accessible vehicle sales in Southwest Florida. You’ll find a wide selection of new, used, and pre-owned mobility vehicles on our lot that are suited for a variety of budgets and mobility needs. If you come to our lot and find a used mobility vehicle that perfectly meets your needs, this can be much cheaper than buying a brand new mobility vehicle. However, if you have a specific type of vehicle build in mind – buying new can provide you with more flexibility in meeting your unique needs.
To learn more about the mobility vehicles available at Auto Express South, give us a call at 239-693-4000 or stop by our Fort Myers lot for a tour!
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