All About Steering Aids for Different Mobility Needs

All About Steering Aids for Different Mobility Needs

Interested in learning about the types of steering aids available for mobility vehicles? This article will walk you through a few of the steering aid options available to increase mobility and functionality of vehicles. These steering aids include options for braking, signaling, turning, accelerating, and more.

Effective Steering With Spinners

Spinners are a type of steering aid used to give individuals with disabilities more control over the steering wheel. There are a variety of different types of spinners for different needs. For example, the MPS amputee spinner is specifically made to work with prosthetic devices. Spinners come in a variety of shapes, such as spinner knobs, single post spinners, tri-pin spinners, and quad fork spinners. Each has its own unique advantages. For instance, the quad fork spinner is designed for those with reduced hand strength to have better control over the steering wheel.

Acceleration and Braking

There are a variety of hand control acceleration and braking devices available that can attach right to a vehicle’s steering wheel! For example, Push Rock devices allow for full range braking and acceleration with minimal hand travel while keeping the hand in a natural position. Another option is Viegel hand controls. These hand controls aren’t attached to the steering wheel but rather sit on the driver’s side, near the center console.

Signaling, Turning and More

A variety of devices exist to help with signaling, turning, and other steering functions. MPS offers devices such as right turn levers and drop down turn signals that can be purchased through Auto Express South. Auto Express South is also a Sure Grip dealer and sells items like horn buttons, remote buttons, and more than can be attached to your steering wheel.
To learn more about these mobility vehicle steering aids and other adaptive driving aids, stop by or give us a call at 239-693-4000.
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