2 Things You Should Know When Renting a Handicap Van

2 Things You Should Know When Renting a Handicap Van

2 Things You Should Know When Renting a Handicap Van

A rental car is a huge convenience over having to wait for public transportation or paying for a taxi any time you need to travel. Renting a car seems to be pretty seamless, but is renting a wheelchair-accessible van just as easy? These two things will help you go in prepared. 

Highest Quality Rental Vans

At Auto Express South, we offer the highest quality 2022 VMI wheelchair rental vans and have the most competitive rates in the Southwest Florida area. When you rent from us, you’ll receive a handicap van rental with side or rear entry access, depending on your preference and the number of wheelchair users. Rentals also come with a lowered floor, wheelchair tie-downs, and low mileage. 

Try Before You Buy

Did you know we sell the same conversions we rent?
Wheelchair rental vehicles can be a good way to find the right vehicle for you. Test drives are critical for determining what vehicle is right for you, but what if you want to make sure the vehicle will work perfectly for your day-to-day routine? Renting is a great way to assess your needs. Once you know the exact vehicle you need, then you can purchase that vehicle with confidence.

Wheelchair Van Rentals at Auto Express South 

Having your vehicle with you is not always an option. Wheelchair van rentals just may be the right thing to make your travels that much easier. Auto Express South is a handicap van dealer that also offers wheelchair vehicle rentals. 
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