MPD Push Pull

The MPD Push Pull hand control is unique for its separate motion for acceleration and brake. This means the accelerator and brake cannot be used simultaneously, making it a safer choice for older drivers and persons with cognitive disabilities that may become confused in emergency situations.

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Product details

Our 3400 series Push Pull hand control offers convenient adjustment of brake and gas leverage. As with all of the Mobility Products & Design hand controls the Push Pull can be configured in many ways to suit your individual needs.  The list below provides an overview of the configuration options.

Soft Knob Grip

The Soft Grip Knob has a comfortable tear drop shape that is designed to fit in the palm of the hand. The soft rubber material does not retain heat in the summer or get cold in the winter and can be paired with any handle configuration.

Foam Grip

The Foam Grip material provides a softer feel for sensitive hands. This grip can be paired with any handle type.

Offset Handle

The Push Pull can be upgraded with an offset handle.  This allows more legroom and a better hand position to activate turn signals.  The offset handle is available in 1″ increments from 2 inches up to 5 inches.

Commander Switch

The Push Pull can be upgraded to include a 5 button device called the Commander Switch. Upgrading your Push Pull with a Commander Switch gives you the ability to control the following functions without removing your hand from the hand control.

  • Horn
  • Turn Signals
  • Wiper / Washer
  • Head Lights
  • High Beams
  • Rear Wiper


  • Column mounted
  • Left hand use
  • Straight or offset handle
  • Knob or foam grip
  • Five Function Commander switch for secondary functions
  • Two function switch integrated into handle
  • Universal and specific installation brackets for most vehicles