Sure Grip FeatherLite Push/Rock

The hand control that made Sure Grip famous now features the most leg room bar none in the industry! NO gas rods, NO gas guards, NO resistance!

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  • Choose Your Throttle Source:
    Easily switch from the factory pedal to your hand controls by pressing the FeatherLite activation button.
  • No More Gas Rod:
    Electronic acceleration eliminates the need to physically depress the gas pedal and, consequently, the need for a gas rod at all.
    This leads to a noticeable increase in leg room and cleaner installations.
  • Smooth, Easy Throttle:
    FeatherLite gives you direct access to your vehicle’s throttle system. The result is the most responsive throttle on the market.
  • Keep Two Hands On The Wheel:
    One of the great advantages of the Push/Rock style is that it keeps both your hands in a position to maintain contact with the steering wheel while you drive.
  • Easy Access to Secondary Controls
    The Push/Rock is also the best hand control on the market for keeping your hands close to your vehicle’s secondary controls such as turn signals, wiper, wash and dimmer.