Sure Grip FeatherLite Brake Lock

The FeatherLite Electronic Brake Lock provides the ability to lock the hand controls into their current braking position. Activation is as simple as applying the brake and pressing the Brake Lock activation push button. The Brake Lock will latch the brake into the current braking position. To return the hand controls to normal braking operation, simply apply pressure to the brake.

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  • Small profile:
    • Smaller profile than comparable brake locks leaves the vehicle with the same legroom that the FeatherLite hand controls are known for.
  • Rigid Design:
    • The locking mechanism is built with a wear plate to ensure the longevity of the hand control.
  • Easy operation:
    • Electronic push button activation allows for simple lock activation.
  • Optional Brake buzzer notification:
    • Ensures that the brake lock is never left on when the vehicle is off, draining your battery.
  • Manual override:
    • Manual override tab allows for mechanical activation and deactivation
  • Adjustable push button:
    • Fully adjustable push button holder ensures that the push button is in the correct location for your needs.