GEN – X™

The 1st Electric Reduced Effort Steering System with a true independent backup

  • Reduces the steering effort on newer cars with an EPS system on the steering rack
  • First on the market with a true independent backup
  • Return to OEM steering mode with a switch
  • Gen-X™ meets and exceeds existing compliance standards in America
  • Gen-X™ immediately activates upon OEM failure without lag
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Safe and Reliable
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Gen-II™ Includes:

  1. EPS Motor Assembly
  2. Gen-X™ ECU and Gen-X™ bracket
  3. EPS ECU
  4. PD screen and mounting hardware
  5. Power cable harness
  6. Harness 1
  7. Harness 2
  8. Fuse holder
  9. Hardware
  10. Charger