EGS™ and EPB™

Electronic Gear Selector / Electronic Park Brake

The EGS (Electronic Gear Selector) shifts gears at the press of a button. It is customizable, the position of each gear can be programmed by the installer. A stand alone control system is also available.

The EPB (Electronic Park Brake) allows drivers to engage or disengage the OEM park brake with the press of a button. Length and direction of the park brake cable is controlled by software. The actuator can be installed to push or pull the cable. The electronic park brake avoids stalling out or damage by shutting off if it detects significant deceleration. A stand alone option is also available.

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Full Kit Includes

  1. Gear Selector
  2. Gear Shifter
  3. Park Brake actuator
  4. PGB Harness
  5. PGB Harness extension to shifter actuator
  6. PGB Harness extension to park brake actuator
  7. Hardware Kit
    • 2 self tapping screws
    • 2 carriage mounting bolts
    • 1 cable saddle
    • 1 cable ends