Veigel Compact II

Pull-push operated

The new VEIGEL Compact II has arrived! The second generation of the successful VEIGEL Compact optimizes acceleration, surprises by its elegant design and is very easy to operate: to accelerate, pull back the ergonomically shaped handle. A slight forward push activates the brake which may also be temporarily locked.

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The VEIGEL Compact II hand control combines innovative operation with superior comfort and elegant design.
To accelerate, pull back the ergonomically shaped handle; a slight forward push activates the brake. The brake may temporarily be locked by means of a mechanism integrated into the handle.
The new generation of VEIGEL hand controls folds back even more easily when not in use. They come standard in automatic transmission vehicles.


  • Pull-push system
  • Elegant design matching the interior of modern vehicles
  • Effortless and fatigue-free accelerating and braking
  • Ergonomic handle shape
  • Simple folding away when not in use
  • Automatic locking into place when reactivated
  • Completely removable
  • Excellent patented design in VEIGEL quality: 100 % made in Germany
  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Premium thermal barrier materials
  • Easy integration of secondary control

Upgrades of Veigel Compact II

Compact II combined with Veigel Commander

Optionally integrated into the VEIGEL Compact II, the VEIGEL Commander ensures relaxed operation of the main secondary controls such as horn, turn signal, lights etc. with a single finger. The vehicle’s original controls may be used as normal.