Simply back your wheelchair up to the SPEEDY-LIFT, push the ‘IN’ button and watch the SPEEDY-LIFT pick up your chair and tuck it into place behind the driver’s seat. The SPEEDY-LIFT is designed to fit adjacent to the sliding door in most minivans on the driver or passenger side. Because of its unparalleled speed, precision and ease, the SPEEDY-LIFT is an ideal solution for someone looking for simplified vehicle access.

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A full cycle takes less than < 30 seconds
The compact design allows you to keep the use of up to 6 seats
Equipped with an automatic locking system that fastens your wheelchair in place


Maximum capacity: 95 lbs
Designed for rigid frame manual wheelchairs
Optional adaptor kit available for folding wheelchairs
Can be paired with the LINK, the ASENTO or the XL-Seat

Quick Setup

The SPEEDY-LIFT is easily installed into the second row seat mounts with NO structural modifications to your vehicle. It is also easily removed to return the vehicle to its original condition without affecting resale value. **Products qualify as adaptive equipment and are eligible for reimbursement under the terms of Mobility programs offered by various vehicle manufacturers**