The US Inboard Lift is FMVSS approved and uses several innovative mechanisms to ensure a safe and efficient operation. The Mobility Networks App provides wireless connectivity; a unique feature designed to enhance user experience and provide an extra level of service and support.

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Innovative and cost-efficient wheelchair inboard lift

The US version Inboard Lift wheelchair lift conforms with the safety requirements of FMVSS 403; Platform lift systems for motor vehicles.

The iCLASS™ wheelchair lift is available in three models, which differ from one another in type of loading platform:

iCLASS™ P , with a whole one-piece platform: during stowing phase platform simply rotates from loading position to vertical and back during the deployment phase. Handle Safety Belt is optional.

Roll-off ramp

The roll-off ramp (also known as the outer barrier or wheelchair retention device) features a hard-wearing rubber edge which creates a smooth bridge between the lift and the ground. It is tested with a wheelchair driven at 2-2.1 m/s to ensure it is a safe and efficient barrier. The roll-off ramp locks vertically into place which removes the risk of passengers rolling backwards off of the platform.

Anti-rattle & Super quiet operation

Anti-rattle bolt covers are used on the roll off ramp which dramatically reduces noise and vibration.

Sensitive Floor

The sensitive floor is used between the lift and the floor of the vehicle. It stops the lift from operating when it senses the pressure of someone standing on it. This prevents passengers stepping out of the vehicle when the lift is in use

Roll off ramp lock

The roll-off ramp locks vertically into place which removes the risk of passengers rolling backwards off of the platform.

Quick change handrails

There are 3 different types of handrail available and each can be replaced easily and quickly as the handrail fixing sits on the outside of the frame.

Handrails are tested to 1112N force in all directions and have been increased in diameter.

App connectivity

Service reminders

Service intervals are every 6 months or 5000 cycles.

Safety focused

Ensuring safety and security is at the forefront of everything we do.

Turn your phone into a remote

Control all the features of the lift using your phone.

Lift inventory

Connect and access all your lifts in a single place.

Lift diagnostics

View real time diagnostics and past events.

Always up to date

Your lift stays current and is constantly improved.