Auxiliary Battery

The Auxiliary Battery System is a second battery that can be added in parallel to the OEM battery to assist in starting the engine. It is automatically charged by the OEM charging system and disconnects when the vehicle shuts off.

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  • Powers Gen-II™/Gen-X™ if OEM system is low
  • Powers other electrical accessories in the vehicle
  • Starts the engine when the primary battery is low
  • Automatically charged by the OEM system
  • Disconnects when the vehicle is shut off preventing power loss while not in operation

Full Kit Includes

  1. Plastic Case
  2. 1x strap
  3. 2x 100 Amp fuses
  4. 1x Battery separator S/N: S59
  5. 1x Manual jump start lighted switch with battery indicator
  6. 1x Plastic grommet
  7. 1 x 25 feet of 4 guage red wire with fuse holder
  8. 4 feet of 4 gauge red wire with fuse holder
  9. 1x 5 feet of 4 gauge black wire
  10. 30 feet loom tubing
  11. 4x Self-tapping screws for mounting Battery Separator
  12. 8x Black ¼ inch heat shrink
  13. 3x Black ⅛ inch heat shrink
  14. 2 Strap guides with 4 mounting screws